Monday, December 21, 2009

Eagles camp a 'no-go area'

Nigeria's Durban camp will be a 'no-go area’ for media and fans alike as the team prepare for the Africa Cup of Nations.

Contrary to earlier reports, the team will camp at the Riverside Hotel in Durban, according to Media Coordinator Idah Peterside.

"First of all, this is to clear some reports about where the team will camp in Durban. We will stay at the Riverside Hotel, and that is authoritative," Peterside told

He went on to add that both the hotel, and training ground will have a strict no access policy.

"The camp and training ground are no-go areas, as the coach wants a closed camp with security to be provided by the KwaZulu Natal Province, who have partnered with Nigeria by adopting us as their team."

This decision is likely to further strain relations between Amodu and the local press, who usually demand unfettered access to the team, especially their training sessions.

But Peterside explained that the idea was to allow the players to focus.

"The camp needs to be closed so that the players can concentrate on the project at hand, and we need the support of all Nigerians," he said.

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