Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sani Kaita has promised not to disappoint Nigeria

SC Tavriya Simfeporol of Ukraine midfielder Sani Kaita has promised not to disappoint after he was handed a chance for a long-awaited return to the Super Eagles.
He said he will not let down himself, the fans and the coach, Stephen Keshi, who has deemed it fit to recall him to the national team after an infamous red card at the World Cup in South Africa. Sani, you have been recalled to the Super Eagles. How do you feel? 
Kaita: I am very happy for this chance to return to Eagles under coach Stephen Keshi. I have been longing for this opportunity and I won't let it slip off my hands again. 
I see this as a great honour and I won't disappoint myself, the coach and the whole country for giving me a second chance to play for Nigeria. 
I am always ready to serve my country. It is an honour to wear the green and white jersey. 
Do you still remember your red card against Greece at the World Cup? 
That was the worst moment of my entire life. That was my first-ever red card in a competitive game. It was a big stain on my record. 
You apologised to Nigeria for this red card but you must have been disappointed that you were not recalled by the Eagles till now. 
Yes, I was not happy because I always want to serve my fatherland. I know all of us can’t play at same time but I believe I have place in the team. Keshi has now done the right thing. 
I never saw myself as out of the team. I have always considered myself as a player of the Eagles. 
How then was it like watching the last Nations Cup without Nigeria? 
It was sad, but we can’t help it. Now all we need do is look forward to making the next edition, which thankfully will be next year. 
You signed for Belgian club Germinal Beerschot and later we learnt it was cancelled and now you are in Ukraine, what happened? 
It was so unfortunate, I wanted to really play for Germinal. We had signed a contract but I could not play for them because the home office refused to give me a work permit and without that I couldn’t play, so we had no choice than for us to go our different ways. That is in the past now as I am Tavriya player now. 
Now that you are in Ukraine, what are you looking forward to? 
I want to continue to do well here and I also want to win trophies with this team. 
How would you describe the league in Ukraine compared to where you have played previously – Holland, Russia and France? 
Here we have a strong league, big players are here too. All the leagues I have played in are very competitive, they all have their pluses, which make them unique. 
You know this is my second coming to Ukraine so I know how it is here. 


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